Is soy good or is soy bad

Is Soy Good for you … Or Bad?

So what’s the deal with soy? If you are vegetarian, and you’ve decided to bring soy into your diet, how do you determine if soy is good for you … or if soy is bad for you? On a recent search, I found over 56 million records appear under the search term “is soy good for you”, with an equally impressive 34 million records under the search term “is soy bad for you”. And if you start diving into the conversations, you’ll find the verdict swings both ways, sometimes in the very same article. What’s a vegetarian supposed to do? I use soy in my diet. So as a vegetarian that is concerned with … [Read More...]

Can Vegetarians Get Enough Protein?

Can Vegetarians Get Enough Protein?

We’re a nation full of meat eaters. And because meat eating is promoted from the top down, we make automatic assumptions about what we eat and how it affects us. The USDA creates and promotes what they consider to be a healthy diet. They teach it … [Read More...]

Teaching family members about vegetarianism

Teaching Family Members About Vegetarians

The conversation has always been similar in nature: "Will she eat a little turkey?" "Do you like fish?" "Can I make you a corn dog?" You probably have someone in your family like that too. For some reason, I've never been able to make my mom … [Read More...]